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MMeets MMusic MTalks ‘Queer Some Space’ presented by XYX Lab and The Lifted Brow

Sat 27 Jan 2018, 2.00pm–10.00pm



2018-01-27 14:00:00 2018-01-27 22:00:00 Australia/Melbourne ‘Queer Some Space’ presented by XYX Lab and The Lifted Brow MPavilion MPAVILION

Monash Art Design & Architecture’s XYX Lab teams up with The Lifted Brow to bring us Queer Some Space. Directly referencing MPavilion’s rotating elements and the architects’ vision as a space for discussions and interventions within the built environment, Queer Some Space is a day-long symposium melding talks, seminars and all-in panel chats, punctuated by a twilight keynote presentation and culminating in an evening of music performances.

The panel talks and subsequent keynote will touch on a variety of themes from progressive architecture and design, inclusiveness and accessibility in music and venues, and fostering both community-based and autonomous spaces in art and architecture. Together the Queer Some Space participants will ponder: How can the architecture of spaces be more inclusive within our everyday lives? And how can we achieve this without losing the sense of community that is so essential to the existence of LGBTQIA+ spaces? How can art and literature provide an accessible, non-physical and autonomous space for queer self-expression?

Once these themes are heartily exhausted, MPavilion will transform to take us into an evening of music.


MTalks—Queer Some Space: Architecture and design
Featuring Michael Spooner, Jana Perkovic, Naomi Stead, Sophie Dyring, Timmah Ball and Timothy Moore

MTalks—Queer Some Space: Music and venues
Featuring Daisy Catterall, Elspeth Scrine, Jax Jacki Brown, Mason Browne, Triana Hernandez

MTalks—Queer Some Space: Art and literature
Featuring Adolfo Aranjuez, Annabel Brady-Brown, Mossy 333, Nayuka Gorrie and Xanthe Dobbie

MTalks—Queer Some Space: Keynote by Simona Castricum
Followed by Q&A

MMusic—Queer Some Space: Huntly + Mossy 333 + DJ Dee*Luscious

MC’d by Kate McKenzie (The Lifted Brow) and Dr Niki Kalms (XYX Lab)

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