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Sam Lo

Sam Lo (SKL0) is an artist currently based in Singapore who specialises in installations but constantly strives to hone her skills—old or new—by working with a wide array of mediums from sculpting and watercolours to wheat-paste and spray paint.

Her work is heavily inspired by daily observations and research on the sociopolitical climate. She starts with a mere question or an observation that quickly turns into an obsession, churning out strings of observatory thoughts that are then processed into deductions. In order to trigger responses, she breaks down her research into sections including a series of interview questions and surveys directed to the masses. The end results birth new meanings, lent to existing situations by incorporating ideas, messages and emotions with familiar visual codes into urban situations in hopes of creating experiences and to invoke critical thought on the viewer’s everyday life.

Sam is also founder and creative Director of Project XIV, which includes the collaborative platform and social enterprise INDIGOISM and the sound healing platform ELEVATE aimed at improving mental health. She is also co-owner of Leng Leng Ice Cream, a humble shop aimed at providing jobs for retired women.