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Rodney Wulff

Born in Australia, Rodney Wulff trained in landscape architecture at the University of Oregon and Harvard and later completed his PhD at Cornell University. After being approached by David Yencken of Merchant Builders to work on the firm’s site layouts and landscape designs, Wulff co-founded Tract Consultants with architect planner Howard Mccorkell and landscape architect Steve Calhoun in 1973, and became the firm’s managing director in 1996. In 1977, Merchant Builders and Tract completed Vermont Park, an award-winning cluster subdivision of forty-three homes in Vermont South. A long-time landscape consultant to Merchant Builders, Wulff’s analytical approach and extensive experience in natural resource analysis and regional resource studies over more than forty years contributed to not just the success of Merchant Builders’ 1970’s landscape designs but also Tract’s ongoing success and impact across Australian landscape architecture more generally.