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Jane Frances Dunlop

Jane Frances Dunlop (CA) is an artist and writer whose work addresses emotion and performances of relation on the internet. Recent works include speculative and palimpsestic, a performance within Documents of the Future at ACMI’s Channels Festival (Melbourne) and CRTL+SHFT Collective (San Francisco); slow rhyme for an echo, part of the exhibition Andere Geschichte(n) at Künstlerhaus (Vienna) and slow catastrophes, currently exhibited for the Wrong Biennale as part of Flee Immediately’s nervous.online. She has written essays on nervousness as well as telegraphs for Real Life. Dunlop lectures on the MA Digital Media Arts and the BA Fine Art Critical Practice at the University of Brighton. She lives in London.

Jane Frances Dunlop and Mira Loew have been collaborating across a variety of art forms since 2013. Their work together focuses on modes of exchange and the emotional labours attached them.