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Photo by Briana Davis

“I like to listen to pop. I like to mess it up.
Often I get bored, so it becomes one big pop mess.”

blyolk (pronounced ‘bloke’) is the brainchild of 21-year-old Melbourne producer/songwriter Sebastian Chesney, whose music fuses psychedelia, gritty rhythms and a warped pop aesthetic. With production encompassing sporadic sampling, lo-fi textures, a synth-inspired guitar sound and layered spoken word & melodic vocals, ‘weird pop’ is certainly an apt descriptor.

The release of singles ‘Shun The Sun Because I Don’t Breathe Youth’, ‘Artshole’ and ‘Don Wowry’ have seen Australian radio and blogs alike commend the off kilter tracks and ask for more. With past involvement with a number of acts around Melbourne, Chesney draws on his experience to create a compelling live set.

Photo by Briana Davis