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Open House Melbourne

Open House Melbourne is a public architecture organisation that advocates for well-designed cities.

A year-round program of talks, tours, workshops, interviews and special programs explore issues, challenges and success stories of our built environment. At the heart of the program is the Open House Weekend in Melbourne and now Ballarat, where people visit significant buildings and sites across the city to learn about how the built environment and urban planning initiatives and issues influence our culture and shape our future.  

By empowering people with knowledge about the impact of good design decisions in our built environment, Open House Melbourne aims to ensure our cities are liveable and vibrant places now and in the future. 

First started in London twenty-five years ago and now in thirty-seven cities around the world, the success of the Open House model is due to its approach of offering diverse, direct design experiences, free-of-charge, in a non-elitist manner. It reaches over 750,000 people worldwide—the largest audience of any public-facing architecture program.