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Millú weaves a brave lineage between techno, electro and their derivatives, combining contemporary starkness with the industrial palette of bygone coldwave eras. Think smoke machines and bodies moving in the dark and you’re getting close.

An affinity for bass line acidity, ’80s synthesisers, esoteric rhythms and haunting vocals inform her sets: dark, chugging journeys, washed with an air of nostalgia. Her sets are eccentric, led by a distinct ability to saunter between genres and tempos, re-contextualising our perceptions of when and where records should be played. Millú’s deep cache of mysterious dancefloor sounds forgoes conventional genre-standards, creating more an atmosphere than any one sonic style.

This diversity sees her both as resident of Melbourne’s ¿Club D’érange?, a macabre celebration of all things absurd, and as an honorary queen of the dessert in the Wax’o Paradiso family. Her passion for challenging listeners extends well beyond the club, and has seen her a long-time presenter at Melbourne’s 3RRR. Frequent stints abroad see her record bag constantly evolving as she seeks out and brings home the sounds of the world as she hears it, always ready to take on new dancefloors.