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Danielle von der Borch

Danielle von der Borch is a community development worker, arts practitioner and performer with an interest in embodied practices. Danielle says, “My attempts to notice and bring awareness to everyday relational experiences is what grounds my interest in embodied practices, performance and community work”.

Danielle is a graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts’ drama school, with a graduate diploma in dance from Melbourne University and a master of arts from MIECAT Institute in experiential and creative art therapy. With more than twenty years of experience, she is committed to an inclusive practise in both art and community, working in communities with diverse backgrounds.

Danielle has worked for seventeen years at The Venny Inc. This role involves being present to vulnerable kids and young people in an environment of support and care with therapeutic intentions. She has collaborated with Chamber Made artists over the past six years to co-direct and devise performances at The Venny with kids. Danielle is an ensemble member with Rawcus Theatre.