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Daniel Von Jenatsch

Daniel Von Jenatsch is an artist and composer who works in music, performance, and video and is concerned with historiography, artistic research and poetry. His experimental operas, radio plays and performances have been presented nationally and internationally at Kunstenfestivaldesarts in Brussels, Athens Biennale, Nextwave Festival, ACMI, Liquid Architecture Festival, MCA Sydney, and the MousonTurm in Frankfurt.

He has collaborated with Jonathan Bepler, Atlanta Eke, Claire Lambe, and Silvana and Gabriella Mangano. He is a member of performance art collective New Forms of Life, and music groups Goosehead and Sky Needle. Daniel’s compositions for contemporary dance have featured in the works of Jefta Van Dinther, DD Dorvillier, Irina Müller, Frank Willens, Jan Burkhardt and Frederic Gies. His work with Atlanta Eke, Organ, was presented by Liquid Architecture festival and Monash University. As a musician, instrument and sound designer Daniel has worked with Jonathan Bepler, Matthew Barney, Arto Lindsay, KimSooja, Ross Manning, Silvana and Gabriella Mangano and Maria Von Hausswolf.