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Assemble Papers

Assemble Papers is a weekly online and biannual print publication exploring small footprint living and the culture of living closer together. Covering art, design, architecture, urbanism, the environment and financial affairs, Assemble Papers appeals to both left and right sides of the brain, featuring content that aims for creativity and inventiveness while taking a thoughtful and practical approach to the clutter of contemporary life. They publish a weekly newsletter of considered, city-centric content—you can subscribe at assemblepapers.com.au

Taking inspiration from the cities-based dialogue around the Naomi Milgrom Foundation’s Living Cities Forum, their latest print issue, themed ‘Metropolis’, looks at people, ideas and movements that are shaping the way we live as local and global citizens – from global citizens of architecture OMA, via tiny houses in Los Angeles, to deliberative planning in Melbourne. Progressive action is possible and enactable at a local level – and it has far-reaching symbolic and practical power.