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We collaborate with thinkers, changers and makers to bring you a free four-month program of talks, workshops, performances and installations from October 2017 to February 2018. We launch our program in the coming months so stay tuned. For a sense of the upcoming program, you can head over to our MPavilion library and revisit our events from past seasons—we’ll see you in the gardens this spring!

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Main image from Grandstanding: A reconfigurable future. Photo by Bec Capp.

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Explore the role of architecture and design in contemporary city life with special guests and collaborators from Melbourne and beyond. Running from October to February, MTalks puts leading minds behind the mic and invites them to investigate new ideas.


MMeets, say hello to our 2017/18 season. We’re hosting a third series of free, unexpected gatherings that invite Melburnians to use MPavilion as a clubhouse, a meeting place and a starting point—and explore the value and impact of design and creativity. Meet up with us, your friends and a troupe of makers and creators.


MMusic is back for 2017/18 with a series of free shows, sets, workshops and admittedly hard-to-define aural experiences presented in collaboration with Melbourne artists, DJs and experimenters.


MKids is back for our 2017/18 season! We have marked out all the fun and relaxed, kid-friendly events in our program, including those that are specifically suited to kids and kids at heart.


MProjects exist at MPavilion for an enduring time span. Always captivating, MProjects events are unique, site-specific installations and activations at our place in the Queen Victoria Gardens.


Talks, workshops, meets, readings and more on how the spaces we inhabit in our cities and neighbourhoods define our lives.


Art. Sound art, visual art, installation, public space interventions and everything in-between.


This topic covers all things commerce: from entrepreneurs to ethics to new technology, and the spaces in-between.

CPD (for architects)

Registered architects practicing in Australia have to maintain a level of professional development and this is measured by AIA in the form of a tally of formal and informal continuing professional development (CPD) points. Events at MPavilion related to architecture attract one CPD point for attending the event or listening to the audio recording.


From live performances to workshops and talks about dance, these events are all about the art of human movement.


Good design = a good life. Come along to these talks, workshops, meetings and encounters all about design.

design & science

Design & Science explores the design in science and the science in design. This topic is made possible by the Hugh D. T. Williamson Foundation and includes talks, workshops, interactive installations and screenings!


Honest to goodness, ethics are an essential pillar of our modern civil society. These events explore the principled side of life.


From talks to readings, to performances and workshops, and more—these events have a historical bent.


Technology is ubiquitous in modernity. These events zoom-in on technology’s place in art, architecture, design and our lives.


The way modern cities evolve play a fundamental role in how we live. These events focus on all things urban.


Morning yoga. A cup of tea. Meditation. Modern life has come to be defined by a focus on wellness and health—this topic has wellbeing covered!


All matters wordy and worldly with workshops, writing awards, readings, authors in-conversation, and writers (surprisingly!) not necessarily talking about writing.


Morning yoga. A cup of tea. Meditation. Modern life has come to be defined by a focus on wellness and health—this topic has wellbeing covered!

Every Wednesday in October 7.15am–8.00am
MMeets Quiet mornings: Learn to meditate with A—SPACE
Sat 7 Oct 10.00am–11.00am
MMeets Dog meet with Tom + Captain
Mon 16 Oct 12.00pm–3.00pm
MMeets A stage for new parenthood: House
Sun 22 Oct 10.00am–11.00am
MMeets Dog meet with Tom + Captain
Sat 28 Oct 2.30pm–8.00pm
MMeets MMusic VoiceFest 2k17
Every Thursday in November 7.15am–8.15am
MMeets Mindful morning yoga sessions with Happy Melon
Fri 3 Nov 6.00pm–9.00pm
MMusic Sovereign Trax DJ set
Sun 19 Nov 2.00pm–3.00pm
MMusic The Hackkets with Eva Popov
Sat 25 Nov 7.00pm–9.00pm
MMusic Melbourne Drone Orchestra
Sun 26 Nov 10.00am–11.00am
MMeets Dog meet with Tom + Captain
Thu 30 Nov 6.00pm–9.00pm
MMusic Mapping Melbourne 2017 launch
Sun 10 Dec 10.00am–11.00am
MMeets Dog meet with Tom + Captain
Fri 15 Dec 7.00pm–9.00pm
MMusic Friday night boogie with Millú
Sat 23 Dec – Fri 5 Jan
MKids MProjects ‘Swings’ by OMA
Mon 8 Jan – Sun 14 Jan 9.00am–4.00pm
MKids MProjects Tin&Ed: Inflatable Futures
Mon 8 Jan – Sun 14 Jan 11.00am–1.00pm
MKids MMeets Westside Circus activity sessions: Mornings
Mon 8 Jan – Sun 14 Jan 2.00pm–4.00pm
MKids MMeets Westside Circus activity sessions: Afternoons
Sun 14 Jan 10.00am–11.00am
MMeets Dog meet with Tom + Captain
Sun 21 Jan 6.00pm–9.00pm
MMusic Sheer Underpinnings
Sun 28 Jan 1.00pm–3.00pm
MMeets All Our Dreams Come True 2
Tue 30 Jan 7.30am–8.15am
MMeets Chunky Move contemporary yoga
Fri 2 Feb 8.00am–8.45am
MMeets Neo-nOMAdic: WIP it
Sun 4 Feb 4.30pm–6.00pm
MMeets The Design Plot
Mon 5 Feb 7.30pm–9.30pm
MMusic Sonic systems laboratory
Tue 6 Feb 7.30am–8.15am
MMeets Chunky Move contemporary yoga
Thu 8 Feb 7.30am–8.30am
MMeets Thai Fit
Thu 8 Feb 12.00pm–4.00pm
MMeets Sound of dementia
Fri 9 Feb 7.30am–8.30am
MMeets Ritual Cult cosmic yoga
Sat 10 Feb 11.00am–1.00pm
MMeets MTalks Walking with Jane
Sat 10 Feb 1.30pm–3.00pm
MMusic ASSAJAN music & dance lab
Sun 11 Feb 3.00pm–7.00pm
MMusic Plenty Heat: Live rap & soul

Regular Events